Tips on Jewelry Care and Maintenance

Jewelry is a prize possession and also a precious metal, so taking care of it is very important. Fine Jewelry pieces often become family heirlooms are designed to last more than a lifetime; because of this, it requires regular simple maintenance in order to preserve its condition and value.

The following are few tips that you can follow in order to keep your precious pieces as beautiful and shiny as the day you got it:

Limit Contact:

Direct contact with cosmetics like perfume, make-up, body cream, chlorine and hair spray can dull the finish of the metals and shine of gem stones. Exposure to salt water and other harsh chemicals can also discolor gold and silver. Ensure your jewelry is the last thing you put on while getting ready, and the first thing you remove during your nightly routine.

Store Safely & Separate:

When several jewelry items are stored together, they can easily scratch each other; it may even damage stones. Chains or bracelets may also easily tangle when they are together.

To minimize damage, store your jewelry pieces in separate jewelry boxes or pouches. This is also a great way to save time when selecting your items. While you are traveling, make sure to pack your jewelry carefully in original jewelry boxes.

Why should you use jewelry boxes to store?

Ioka jewelry boxes/pouches that your pieces come with are designed with soft lining and padding which help protect your jewelry from contact with hard surfaces. These jewelry boxes/pouches prevent your precious jewelry pieces from scratching, tarnishing, and breaking.

Remove When Not Needed:

Wearing your jewelry while sleeping or during physical activities may cause damage to you or your jewelry. Stones can become dislodged or chipped, and settings can become damaged from impact. Chains can also easily break when put under stress. If you prefer to wear your jewelry at all times, you must be careful while wearing and clean the pieces often.

Handle Jewelry with care:
Clean your Jewelry regularly after every use with clean soft cloth.

Be extra careful with your jewelry while handling to ensure you do not drop or knock items against hard surfaces as this could damage the structure of the piece.

At Home Jewelry Cleaning Instructions:

Gently scrub each piece of jewelry with soft toothbrush, using mix of a drop of mild dish wash soap and warm water to remove dirt and oils. After cleaning, dry the piece with a soft cloth.