Frequently Asked Questions

1.How long have you been in business?

Ioka Jewelry has over 15 years of experience in E-Commerce. Today, we can be found on various E-Commerce marketplaces like and We ship 100’s of our exclusive jewelry to our loyal customers each month.

2.Do your jewelry pieces have metal stamp mark?

Our products are 100% authentic and include applicable metal stamps according to FTC standards and regulations (e.g., 14k, 585, 10K, 925, etc). Our organization has passed several tests and inspections to comply with jewelry industry standards.

3.Do you guys sell Real Gold or is it gold plated?

Currently, all the items we sell on our store is 14K gold or sterling silver. We may start to offer gold plated items and will clearly label them so that you will not be confused.

4.Do you accept returns & Exchanges?

Absolutely! You can return the product within 30 days of purchase date or you can exchange with another product from our catalog. Please go through our detailed returns and exchange policy

5.Do you have a physical store that I can visit?

We do not have a physical store or Showroom that is open to the public. Our jewelry line is currently an online-only store. You can find all of our products and our entire catalog online. You may contact us by phone or email if you need any additional pictures/videos if you require a better view. We love to help and want to ensure you have a great experience with us.

6.How long does it take to ship an item?-

We typically ship the same business day if the order is received before 2 PM Pacific Time. Please see our shipping policy

7.How will I get refunded in case of returns?

For customers in the United States, we offer three options for how you prefer to manage your return:

    Store Credit Refund - with free return postage
    Exchange - with free return postage
    Original Payment Method Refund - customer responsible for return postage

8.What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, etc). We also accept PayPal and Google Pay

 9.Can you do personalized engraving on your jewelry pieces?

We offer personalized laser engraving on selected products, message us with desired characters that you would want engraved and style of font you would like to see.

10 How can I find out my ring size?

Steps to find your ring size:  

  • Cut a thin strap of paper or thread.
  • Wrap the paper or thread around your finger.
  • Mark the spot where the paper or thread meets.
  • Measure the length of the thread with Ruler.

Use the following chart to determine your ring size.

11.Is my personal information and credit card information secure?

All personal and credit card information is secure as your payments are protected via secure server technology and encryption. Our website uses state of the art technology with SSL HTTPS for your safety. Your personal information is protected and handled appropriately.

12.How do I clean and look after Jewelry?

Fine Jewelry should be treated with care avoid contact with salt water and harsh chemicals.

While you are travelling, pack your jewelry carefully using the original jewelry boxes/pouches that your pieces came in as they are designed with soft lining and padding to protect the jewelry from damage.

Try to avoid contact with lotions and other products used for bathing/showering. Also, try to avoid chlorine contact. Chemicals from these activities will require you to clean your pieces more often.

Jewelry Cleaning instructions:

Gently scrub each piece of jewelry with soft tooth brush using mix of dish wash soap and warm water. Dry the jewellery with soft cloth.