Get your Wedding Ring's Engraved from Ioka Jewelers

Personalize your Wedding rings with words that you will cherish forever.It is a beautiful way to express your love and Commitment. It makes the ring uniquely yours and treasured keepsake for the family and future generations.

Following are steps to Engrave your ring:

  1. Decide on specific message for engraving.
  2. Write down the words and double check before sending it to us.
  3. Then we will use engraving machine to put the inscription onto the ring.

Deciding on what to Engrave ?

It's difficult to finalise the message for custom engraving.It is related to couples personal and sentimental choice. Few couples like to take it in a humorous direction while others like to choose faithful verses and some choose sweet and romantic lines for their partner. But do not rush and take your time to decide something with a meaning and lasting message.We would like to suggest few popular Engraving Ideas.


Dates are simple and perfect, they fit easily inside a wedding band.Wedding date carries significance and makes sure you and your spouse never forget can also opt other important dates such day you met for first time or day you fell in love or it can be your engagement date.You can choose only digits or date written out in words.

Few examples: 20/06/2020 or 20.06.2020 or June 20, 2020.

2.Initials or Names:

You can use First names and use "+" or "&" to connect two names.You can also use initials of first names which will save space, we can also create combination of initials by using first letters of first and last names of couple.You can give a special and personal touch by choosing nick names that you call one another.

Few examples: Alexa+Tom, AT, S ♥ A ,TM+ KC.

 3.Song lyrics:

It is a very sweet gesture to choose lyrics from a song which you would like to dedicate to your love.We cannot fit entire song phrases inside ring however you can choose most meaningful part of the song or the part that has special connection with your life such as your first dance song.

Few examples:

I would walk 500 miles, Truly, madly, deeply, I’ll never dance with another, Crazy in love, Just the way you are,Stand by me and one and only.

4.Faithful versus:

As marriage is a sacred vow between a man and women, you can choose bible verse number which captures essence of marriage.Bible verses provide guidance for married couple.They are a wonderful way to express your feelings to your spouse.

Here are few examples:

Corinthians 16:14, Colossians 1:17,Song of Solomon 2:16,Proverbs 31:10, Ruth 1:16-17.


There are few significant and special locations that mean a lot like first date,first time you met, place he proposed or location of your memorable trip.

6.Artistic or Funny phrases:

Want to try something different, something cute,witty, funny, Current ,cool and Crazy.Something only you and your partner can decode or appreciate.It is great way to think in humorous direction to symbolize your Fun-Loving connection.It will bring a smile on your spouse's face.You can also create you own poems or lines or an inside joke that only you and your better half understands.

Here are few ideas:

Why So Serious?, Your safety Rope, Put your ring Back on, Put me back on, Non-returnable, No-refunds, To love, Honour and irritate, If removed alarm will sound, Gotcha, Hey Gorgeous, Kiss me Fool.

7.Romantic quotes:

You can use short love quotes or phrases to express your feeling and love towards your partner.

Here are few sweet and romantic lines to get an inspiration:

    • you are my happy pill.
    • Happily ever after.
    • To have and to hold.
    • you have my heart.
    • Eternally yours.
    • Together forever.
    • ‘Till death do us part.
    • Beginning of forever.
    • you are my soulmate.
    • Forever with love.
    • You are my home.
    • Grow old with me.