Symbolic Jewelry


It is an Egyptian symbol. It is also referred as key of life.


It symbolizes peace, love, harmony and overall good vibes.


This is a symbol of Hope, safety, security, Stability, Strength and love. It also represents stable and secure person. Anchor is representation of safe place with a brighter future.

Angel Wings

Protection, freedom, Spirituality and guidance from God.


It is the symbol of freedom of spirit, grace, music, Poise, Discipline and creativity.

Evil Eye

It is an amulet believed to protect humans against harm, evil eye or glance of an enemy or unhappiness. Carrying it brings good luck and happiness. It also radiates good vibes and positive energy it is also said to keep you healthy protect against misfortune.

It can be gifted for occasions like housewarming, new cars, new businesses, or for new born can be gifted for any occasion where we would like to wish good luck.


It is a symbol of protection and attracts Happiness, good luck, health, fortune, wealth and abundance to owner.

It is also protection against evil eye, evil thoughts and negative energy or harm.


It symbolizes good luck and protection. It is also believed to ward off evil spirits and protect you from nightmares. This is cons/*Zidered as universal lucky charm and is believed to attract positive energy, health and professional success.


It is also called as shamrock leaf’s of clover represents faith, hope, love and luck.


It is a symbol of peace, freedom, care, purity, devotion, promise and hope. It is considered as symbol of holy spirit. It also represents help from god or gift from god and presence of divinity among us.

Marjuana Leaf

It is also called as Pot leaf. It is a form of activism and declaration. It is also symbol of rebellion.


It symbolises power, Strength, wisdom, honour, stability and patience. They are also symbol good luck and attracts fortune.


They represent finding inner wisdom, gift of long life, adapting to new surroundings or environments. Turtles are believed to bring serendipity.

They symbolise protection, strength, endurance and patience. They represent never give up attitude and taking things step by step.

They are considered as good luck charm in most parts of the world.


It is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, truth, patience and is also protection against harm, ill-fortune and nightmares.

Tree of Life 

It represents togetherness and fertility as it always finds a way to grow through seeds or saplings. It also represents family growth, strength and ties, link between heaven and is also symbol of enlightenment and also represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe.


It represents transformation and transition. It means each stage of life is an opportunity to find something better. It symbolises letting go of past things and reinventing ourselves

It is also a symbol of Healing, abundance and fertility, wealth, good luck and magic. It is believed to cleanse negativity from environment


It is a symbol of passion, power and it represents Rebellion.


it is a symbol of love, faith, Joy and Color It also represents transformation, change, growth and progress. It symbolises moving out of our comfort zones.  It is also protection against and nightmares.


It is a symbol of Focus, Determination, power, Courage, bravery, honor, authority and also symbolises love, friendship and mystical powers. It also represents long life and great strength.


 It is a symbol of Fearlessness, strength, authority, command, courage, excellence, kingly power, pride, dignity, majesty, leadership, wisdom and confidence.

Bee Bee is a symbol of Success, productivity, organisation, nurturing, hard work, dedication, focus, persistence. It also represents good luck, power, selflessness and loyalty.


It represents Keenness, Discipline, companionship, loyalty, Friendship, love and Faith. It also symbolizes protective powers and good luck in some cultures.

Cat It represents independence, agility, confidence, flexibility and timing

It symbolizes balance and harmony, inner strength, peace, playful nature, cooperation, generosity and friendship.

It also represents humour, sense of joy, freedom, selfless and protection.


It is a symbol of great patience, self-assurance, change and healing.

Snail teaches you to come out of the shell and deal with situation and to choose your battles wisely. It teaches you to be slow and methodical.



It symbolizes patience, infinite divine love, sensitivity, healing, regeneration, renewal and.

It is also symbol of teamwork. Each of its limbs teaches you to work together.

Lady Bug

It is a symbol of good luck and loving nature.

It is believed to be bringer of good things and good fortune to humans.

Sea Horse It is a symbol of Persistence, Contentment, friendliness, good luck, good fortune, generosity and patience

It is a symbol of Grace, Enchantment, Purity, innocence, freedom and miracles.

Snake It symbolizes eternity, Renewal of life, Immortality, Fertility, rebirth, healing and transformation
Tiger It represents Ability to trust yourself, courage,discipline,will power, bravery, wealth, energy and self-control.
Bell It symbolizes divinity, celebrations, happiness.Bell is a sacred object it also sets ones mood.It is also believed to scare off evil spirits.
Coin It represents prosperity, wealth, Good luck, good fortune and wholeness.
Infinity It represents Eternity, Everlasting love, limitless and never ending opportunities and friendship.
Lock It symbolizes security, Protection and love.
Music Note It represents Free spirit, love for singing and music.
Plane It represents Adventure, Freedom, ambition and Love for travel.
Flower It represents eternal life, Purity, love, passion, faith and beauty.
Safety Pin It means Unity.
Star It symbolizes courage, Dreams, desires, encouragement, motivation and direction. It is also a spiritual compass.
Scissors It represents sharpness, Intelligence and change.
Key It represents to unlock opportunities or doors, it also means holding key to one's heart. They would also mean door to health, wealth and love.Gold keys mean emotional well being and silver keys mean enlightenment, They are also believed to ward off nightmares and give one a good night sleep.
Sun It symbolizes Life, energy, strength, power.
Seashell It represents love for sea, beach, ocean, good fortune and protection.
Crown It symbolizes Power, glory, honour, authority, victory, leadership and dignity.
Train Means love for journey and helps you stay on track.